Praxis für Allgemein- und Manualmedizin Priormühle

Dr. med. Liv Fünfgeld & Dr. med. Nina Hanisch

General Practice

To identify and to determine diseases modern diagnostic procedures and methods are available:

  • Laboratory
  • Resting ECG

  • Long-term blood pressure measurement

  • Lung function test

  • Abdominal ultrasound

  • Joints ultrasound

DMP programs (diabetes and coronary heart disease)

A disease management program (abbreviated DMP) is a systematic treatment program for chronically ill patients, based on the findings of evidence-based medicine. In the field of state health insurance (GKV), these programs are also referred to as structured treatment programs or programs of chronic disease.

With the help of disease management programs patients who suffer from chronic diseases should be protected from secondary diseases through a well-coordinated, continuous care.

GPs and specialists, hospitals and rehabilitation centers are cooperating in a coordinated manner.

Therapy steps are matched by sound scientific medical knowledge (evidence-based medicine)

Thus in the medium to long term performance costs should be reduced for the state health insurance

We offer these programs for

• Type 2 diabetes mellitus

• Coronary heart disease (CHD)


Recommended vaccinations

We conduct all vaccinations that are recommended the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) and are included in the catalog of the state health insurance of the Federal joined Committee (G-BA).


Medical travel advice and travel vaccinations

In addition, we offer comprehensive medical advice for your planned travels, create a personal vaccination plan and perform the vaccinations in our office. These services are not usually included the service catalog of the GKV (state health insurance) and are private pay.

Basic psychosomatic care

In psychosomatic illnesses, we help you to identify the relationship between soul and body and to locate the first therapeutic path suitable for your personal problems. Especially in the context of pain in the musculosceletal system it easily gets clear how closely an increased inner tension is linked with tense muscles and corresponding pain. But a nervous bowel, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and cardiac arrhythmias may also be influenced psychosomaticly besides possible organic causes. In addition to a thorough organic clarification of your complaints, we try - also in this context - to see you as whole and individual person with body and soul ...

Home visits

For bedridden patients, we gladly offer a home visit. In urgent cases outside office hours please call the medical emergency service 116117. In an acute life-threatening situation, call the acute emergency services 112